iSpacer IS004 & IS005

RapiClear®1.47 & 1.49



  iSpacer IS004 & IS005

(A) Clean the microscope slide or coverslip (size: 22 x 30mm, 24 x 32mm, or 24 x 40mm) with Kimwipes

(B) Peel off the protective liner from the iSpacers

Note: Apply to iSpacer cat# IS004 and IS005

(C) Apply the exposed, tacky side down, place the spacer onto the dry surface of the slide or coverslip. Press gently to seal

(D) Peel off the protective liner of the other side of the iSpacers

(E) To increase the sample well depth, user can add spacers with various thickness, such as 0.5 or 1mm iSpacers

Note: Apply the additional iSpacers with the protective liner facing up

(F) Peel off the protective liner from the added spacers

(G) Add appropriate amount of clearing solution into the sample well

(H) Place the specimen within the well

(I) Fill the remaining well space with clearing solution

(J) Seal the sample well by placing a second coverslip

(K) Press gently around the edges of the coverslip to ensure a safety seal

(L) Remove carefully the exceeding solution with Kimwipes

(M) Sealed with Neo-Mount medium (Merck, cat# 109016) to form a hard film between two coverslips

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