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RapiClear® 1.55

Making biological sample transparent rapidly
The transparent effect is reversible if samples re-immerse in water or buffer solutions.
RapiClear® 1.55 is ready-to-use, no need to be centrifuged.
RapiClear® 1.55 allows visualization of internal targets up to 10 mm below tissue surface.
Application of RapiClear® 1.55 introduces just limited sample deformation.
RapiClear® 1.55, combined with SCALEVIEW-A2 solution (Olympus Co., LTD.) for large organs research

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RapiClear® 1.55, 10 ml
SCALEVIEW technique (Nat. Neurosci.2011, 14, 1481-1488)




RapiClear® 1.55, 100 ml



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