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Technical questions

What is the refractive index of RapiClear?

The number labeled alongside with RapiClear represents the corresponding refractive index (RI). For example, the RI of RapiClear 1.52 is 1.52nD (589.3 nm).

Will post-fixation pose any additional problem with RapiClear?

Post-fixation is a recommended step after immunohistochemical staining to prevent sample deformation. After thoroughly washed with PBST, post-fixation should not make any side effect for the clearing function of RapiClear.

What is the transmission of RapiClear?

The solution absorbs light at 370nm but is permissive to light greater than 400 nm

I have some problems applying RapiClear to thick samples. Why I only got blurred images after treatment?

For tissues thicker than 0.3mm, we suggest that fluorescence dye with near infrared spectrum, such as Alexa 633, 635, or 647 should be applied.  In addition, it is important to use objective lens with high NA as well as long working distance to capture images.

Can I get information about the compatibility of organic dyes with RapiClear?

Based on our trial results, the Alexa Fluor, DyLight, Brilliant Violet, and CyDye reactive fluorescent dyes are perfectly compatible with RapiClear.

How should I store my RapiClear cleared samples?

Always store the cleared sample slides in 4℃. Make sure that the samples do not dry out.

How much RapiClear should I use to clear my samples?

The recommended volume ratio of sample to RapiClear is at least 1:5.

What should I do if there are air bubbles in my RapiClear?

Before mounting the samples in RapiClear, centrifuge in a Microcentrifuge a few seconds is recommended to remove any air bubbles within.

What should I do if the sample slides are sticky?

Just wet the swab with water and gently wipe the slides several times to remove the excess RapiClear.

Can I immerse dip-in lens in RapiClear?

Yes, RapiClear is compatible with dip-in lens. Just clean the lens after imaging with DI water before ethanol to remove RapiClear.