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  Purchase Information

Could you provide free sample of RapiClear to us for preliminary test?
Now, we can provide free sample to users for preliminary tests; we can deliver a 1ml free sample solution once you provide us your FedEx/DHL account

Can I pay the purchase by visa?
So far, we don't accept credit card for payment, only wire transfer or paper check is available.

How can I order SunJin Lab’s products??
You can order our products via your institute Purchase System.
Or, if your request is in a hurry, please let us known and we can deliver your order in advance to save your time (you can take your time in processing the bank deposit). Please e-mail to daniel@sunjinlab.com showing us your request as well as your institute detail information, including requestor’s name, address, and phone number.
We will deliver the goods within 3 working days once we receive your Purchase Order form (or requested information). Handling and processing by FedEx will take another 3 to 5 working days.


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